Tips and Tricks in Doing Prostate Massage

Tips and Tricks in Doing Prostate Massage

Put yourself in good conditions to relax. It is not always easy for a man to agree to be massaged at this place. To the fear of a sexual ambiguity is added the religious taboos! For a woman to massage her man to this place is not easier. It is always a little delicate to talk about it and dare to take the front, pass me the expression! Men will be more than grateful to you. Rare are those who will then discover sodomy with another man. But before all this you should know how to reduce your prostate size so that you can guide your partner on this.

The Benefits

The intensity of orgasm obtained by anal massage can be higher. It is a source of great pleasure for man. He can just as by masturbation succeed in ejaculating thanks to good care and a delicate back and forth on his prostate.  Ejaculation is characteristic. His jet is less spasmodic and jerky. It is expelled continuously and gives the impression of sinking. He unites very strongly the couples who manage to lift this shameful barrier. There are options also on How to reduce your prostate size.

The Preparation

A good preparation of the anus is necessary before any penetration. This put in a warm room with scented candle. get one now at LovePlugs. Suggest to your man to massage it all over the body with oil that does not stick to make the caresses last. When he begins to relax, focus on his buttocks. Massage each buttock in circles and back and forth up and down with small pressure.

Once your man is perfectly relaxed, offer to gently massage the entrance of the anus. It’s still not the time to return! Always keep in touch with your body. Paste yourself, naked, on his blank. Embrace his back. Talk to him, ask him his feelings. Put your hand flat on his anus to get used to the touch (you may feel the contraction of his sphincter). Encourage him. Make him feel guilty, he starts to take pleasure and that may be disturbing especially if it’s his first time.

Massaging her anus

Gently spread his anus pulling on each side of the buttocks. Put 2 fingers at the entrance start to massage with your fingers imitating a pedaling. At the beginning just touched and then you will intensify the pressure. Repeat to remove her buttocks. It is necessary to vary the pleasures. Regularly think about putting oil. Be sensual and greedy it must remain a fun of which you hold the reins. Spread the oil, massage, always hands flat, back and forth from the anus follow until the testicles. Reassemble and go on the buttocks.

Emphasize the massages on the sensitive area

With the slice of your hand, go back and forth from top to bottom. Induce a vibration by waving the hand always going up and down. With your thumbs, put some pressure on the entrance. While keeping your thumb on the entrance, massage in circles. With your other hand, stroke it, testicles, back or sex. My husband at this point likes me to massage the corolla! You can stay a moment on this place and make him a little tickling.


With one finger only! Start to return but do not stop to caress him. Do not break the contact. Make your hand turn. Do not fully tuck your finger just the 1st part is inside. Only when you feel his anus relax, then go home fully.

How to massage the prostate

When the finger is back and it feels good. It may be that you stay a moment without moving. Form a small hook with your finger. Massage by folding and unfolding your finger. You will feel a ball that will grow gradually it is the prostate. Keep going back and forth. Encourage him to express himself, to fully feel the benefits of shameless massage. During the massage, it is normal that the erection falls. You can help him massaging sex, he feels virile. Be careful not to play too much with your sex because it might ejaculate with pleasure and not thanks to the massage. The 2 orgasms are very different even if the purpose is ejaculation.

The prostate is a small gland that, in addition to its primary function of secretion of seminal fluid, is an area of ??intense pleasure and quite mysterious because we do not know everything that its stimulation can provide. Indeed, to stimulate the prostate, it is necessary to go through the anal sphincter which is very innervated and muscular, so that the prostatic massage brings a deep and visceral sensation of pleasure and ecstasy, which can be likened to the deep orgasm that the woman experiences.

How to locate the prostate?

To perform a prostatic massage, it is necessary to start by finding the small organ of pleasure. Located under the bladder, there is no choice but to pass from the anus through the rectum and then walk about 7 cm to reach it. To stimulate the little ball, it is possible to use the finger, the middle finger or the index finger, but also a suitable object, namely a prostatic massager. With the finger, after 7 cm of exploration, you will feel a soft and soft hump against the upper wall (bladder side). Under the effect of mild stimulation, the prostate will swell a little. It is necessary to have clean hands and well cut nails because the walls of the rectum are very sensitive and fragile and the principle is to do well! With a prostatic massager, you cannot go wrong.

Prostate massage: to do solo or duet

For Sir to reach deep orgasm, he can explore his anatomy solo or prefer to do it in duet. If you have decided to do this to two and you are not yet experts in prostate, it is important to go slowly. To start, the man must be in a comfortable position, which obviously allows easy access to his prostate. For example, he can lie on his back and fold his knees slightly, while putting a pillow under his pelvis for comfort.

How to achieve prostatic orgasm?

The atmosphere must lend itself to this little game; that is to say, sir must be sexually excited and relaxed. If you have a relationship of trust, you are unlikely to be stressed. And if it’s still the case, relax it with massages, caresses, kisses. When relaxed, you can start by caressing the outline of his anus and perineum. Also, you can take a look at his penis, masturbating him or giving him a blowjob to make him crazy with excitement. When you feel the moment comes, you can insert your finger or the prostatic massager into his rectum. To achieve this, it is possible to use suitable lubricant so that the crossing is done smoothly. Even if your partner is crazy about excitement, go slowly because the area is delicate and fragile. Also, be gentle so that it becomes progressively to the feelings that it feels. Nothing serves to hurry because it might surprise him, which would lead to stiffness and there, finished the climb to orgasm!