Sex Education: Why is it the best netflix series if you want to educate yourself about sex?

Sex Education: Why is it the best netflix series if you want to educate yourself about sex?

The dawn of TV series has been upon us for some time now. No longer are movies the only medium for well-written content. They have become a platform for major studios to launch their metaverses, franchises, and whatnot. Although some might be sad that mid-budget dramas and indie titles are no longer in major theaters, they can be happy about original content coming out on numerous streaming platforms like Netflix.


One of the best examples of how revolutionary TV shows have become isn’t Game of Thrones or some true-case-inspired detective show — it’s instead a teen drama/comedy series, Sex Education. The show is a fantastic blend of laughs, cries, and smart views about love, sex, gender, and identity. Therefore, allow us to explain why we think of it so highly by mentioning some important lessons from the Sex Education series.

Sex Education Teaches About Respecting Everyone’s Preferences

Sex Education successfully explains to us that everyone’s different, and we enjoy different things. Although this is one of the motives of the show throughout its current three-season run, it’s best seen in season 2, episode 8. The characters who serve as vessels for this notion are none other than lesbians Ola and Lily.


The two characters are getting it on and moving towards some foreplay. However, one of the two, Lily, suddenly screams in pain. She says how her vaginismus forbids her from allowing Ola to finger her. After a rough patch, they agree to masturbate next to each other until Lily feels comfortable enough to allow her partner to do it to her.


By showing us this, the show successfully explains boundaries and preferences. It tells us that it’s okay to take our time before we are comfortable with something, especially when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Sex Education Teaches the Value of Consent and Saying No

The next important lesson Netflix’s Sex Education tells us is the importance of understanding that no means no. But it isn’t preachy in any way. It, in fact, slides this critical notion into our heads during the school dance episode. But unlike many other shows that attempt to bring forward this topic, Sex Ed considers both sides.


What are we on about, you might say. Why is the other side significant? Isn’t a NO enough? Well, yes, it is. No one is arguing any differently. What we’re on about is that to explain it in the best possible way, it’s crucial to mention that rejection hurts as well. But no matter how painful it might be, it’s still not a reason enough not to respect other people’s feelings.

Sex Education Normalizes Sex

If there’s one Sex Ed series learning that’s as clear as day for every viewer, it’s that sexual intercourse is nothing short of normal. In other words, the TV show normalizes sex unlike any other modern teen or young adult book, TV show, or movie does. Sure, we’re no longer living in Victorian times, when sex was seen as something shameful and only for procreation. But the fact is that we blush like little children when we see it on the screen in front of us. Luckily, with just an episode or two of this high-school drama/comedy, we accept it just like we do other basic human needs.

Sexual Development Takes Time, and It Should Be Okay

Another running theme throughout the whole series is sexual development and taking your time. The audience can understand this lesson regardless of the various plots and characters. Nevertheless, it’s best expressed through Lily’s character once again.


Since almost everyone surrounding her is having sex, she feels pressure to do the same. She comes to terms with her problem, as do other characters, when it comes to their personal dilemmas and sexual development. But haven’t we seen this over and over again in teen dramas and comedies? Well, Sex Education has its main character, Otis, who serves as a counterbalance to Lily. He doesn’t want to pop his cherry just for the sake of it.

Sex Education Encourages You to Keep a Healthy Support System

Aimee Gibbs, one of the side characters, becomes a victim of sexual assault on public transport. During Sex Education’s season 2, she continuously struggles to come to terms with what just happened. Her trauma prevents her from having a normal relationship with her boyfriend anymore, even if it wasn’t his fault.


Of course, to explain to its audience how important support is, Sex Education shows how friends can come together at such times. They come to her aid, helping her to overcome the trauma and take the bus to school again. Additionally, they also encourage her to see an actual sex therapist (not Otis), emphasizing the importance of professional help.

Sex Education Informs Everyone About STDs and HIV

The last important lesson we need to mention from Sex Education is how it manages to talk about sexual health. Namely, it handles topics like HIV and other STDs with flying colors. The second season of the show starts with a school hysteria because of an outbreak of chlamydia. Even the headteacher of the sex school is under fire due to his bad rep and his superiors breathing down his neck. 


Nevertheless, there’s no mass outbreak of this STD. Most kids don’t even know what chlamydia is and how it spreads. The show then goes on to explain the infection. It accompanies the lesson with comedic moments as even our protagonists, Otis and Maeve, panic whether they do or don’t have it.