Anal Plug Review

hi guys my name is amber and I am your
personal sex toy shopper and right now I
am talking about the best sex toys for
anal play and you clicked on a screen
that said that you wanted to know what
the best butt plugs were out there and
I’ve got three that I’m going to show
you right now so without further ado
let’s take a look I have in my hand
maybe the cutest toy of the night this
is the naughty heart candy butt plug and
I love this because it’s so feminine and
it’s so fabulous so obviously it’s
smaller which is great for those who are
starting out you want to use a lot of
Lube but this fits nice and tightly in
your butt and then if you check it out
here you’ve got be mine on the other
side so what I love about this is that
when you are in the bedroom this is a
really fun thing to wear because you can
actually see it and and like if
someone’s going down on you or you are
having if you’re having a lot of fun
play this is just like an extra
accoutrement that feels really really
sweet in the bedroom it’s also silicone
so it feels great and you want to use a
lot of Lube because that’s the answer to
all backdoor play so that is the naughty
candy heart butt plug I love it it’s so
sweet and I think you should give it a
the next one I’ve got is the bumpy
bubbles butt plug this guy right here is
super easy to use you’ve got if you
check it out see there’s like a bit more
of a graduation it goes a little bit
deeper a little bit higher and I love
that it has a stopper here so you’re not
going to lose it where it doesn’t belong
also super flexible and because it’s
graduated it feels great and you you can
like take your time with it again use
lots of Lube easy to clean this
materials body safe and fat free so you
always want to look for that in your sex
toys especially in the backdoor and last
but not least we have the Adam and Eve
booty boot camp training kit so these
are silicone they’re fabulous you start
small you can go big at the end it’s got
a suction cup on the bottom so you can
put this on a wall you can put it on a
chair you can put it on a banister or
wherever you want to move your body
against it you can totally do
that and you work your way to bigger so
the big thing about anal play in general
is training your body to relax so often
with our back door we tense up and so
you have to like massage those muscles
into adhering to what you want them to
do and so much of it is breathing into
it using a lot of Lube and I’m telling
you if you can let yourself go it feels
so good but you want to make sure that
what you’re doing feels good don’t force
anything this is a great way to start
that because if you start with a small
one you’re absolutely going to graduate
as you as you work your way through so
those toys that I just showed you I
think are a wonderful wonderful addition
to your top drawer and they’re the best
sex toys for anal butt plugs that I can
think of so that was the naughty candy
heart butt plug so cute thumpy bubbles
anal plug and then I also have the Adam
and Eve silicone booty boot camp
training kit now that we have all of
these butt plugs out on the table I want
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