How to Properly Insert an Anal Plug

How to Properly Insert an Anal Plug

The most important recommendation on how to insert the butt plug is caution and softness. In this article you can find a lot of tips on its selection and application. One of the most important tips that G-SEX recommends is caution. Physiologically, the anus is not adapted to easily stretch and accept foreign objects. You need to do Practice of figging through history for better result.

You or your partner needs to put a lubricant on the anus outside and, of course, directly on the cork itself. This will make it easy to enter and remove from the ass. It is not possible to save on lubricant – it is extremely unpleasant to inject a cork dry. The risk of pain and trauma to the anus is very high. So you can easily put painful memories and fear of anal sex.

After the procedure with a lubricant, take a comfortable posture and very gently, slowly begin to act. Separately, we would like to advise the most comfortable postures: knee-wrist, knee-elbow, and missionary, with legs wide apart, squatting.

Take the anal plug in your hand, do not immediately enter it. Finger gently strokes the anus, slightly pressing on the hole. If this does not cause discomfort, then enter the cork literally a couple of centimeters, then wait for her to jump out. Repeat each time just a few centimeters more and more. After a few minutes, repeat again, so the partner’s body will get used to the toy.

How to insert the anal plug

If you wear a cork for a long time yourself as a preparation for anal sex, you can not worry about what it will be visible. Traffic jams are so compact that they are not visible from under the clothes. To prepare for anal sex, newbie go for a long time with a cork around the house and even do parallel activities without removing the cork.

The inserted butt plug causes sphincter relaxation and brings a lot of pleasant sensations. Then anal sex will be very comfortable.

Finally, the most important thing: after use, you must immediately clean the toy, wash it with soap or special cleaning agents. Some people use a condom. Hygiene above all!

While anal sex is practiced more often than ever, there are still a lot of prejudices about this sexual act because of this, many women do not receive the necessary information needed to prepare for anal sex.

Be sure to use a lubricant

There are two main reasons for using a lubricant during anal sex. First, it reduces friction and makes sensations more pleasant (in other words, you will feel less pain). Secondly, without lubrication, damage to the anus is possible, and this means that the risk of catching genital infections increases, as small ruptures in the rectum are the gateway for viruses and bacteria that directly enter the blood. Most commonly, HIV and hepatitis are transmitted in this way. Get one at

Start exploring the anus with one or two fingers.

This procedure, at least, will give you a general idea of ??the sensations you are going to experience. It does not oblige you to take a mirror and watch what happens to your ass, it is enough for you to feel the density of your sphincter. To do this, you can use your fingers or anal plugs. But note that sex toys should be thinner and shorter than the penis. And do not forget about the lubricant.

Using a condom is a great idea!

Even if you are in a monogamous relationship, anal sex requires the use of condoms. In addition to the aforementioned probability of anal fissures, which increases the risk of infection with sexually transmitted infections, anal sex is dirty work. Even if you went to the toilet “big” the day before, after a lectern on a member of a partner there may still be feces. And it is better that they stay on the condom, which is easy to remove and throw away.

You must be extremely excited

For anal sex to be perfect, you need to relax. According to research, it takes an average of 20 minutes to excite a woman extremely. With excitement comes not only relaxation, but also tolerance for things that can cause disgust. You are more disposed to enjoy the process, and not to torture yourself with fears.

This will disrupt your bowel movement.

How you pooped before anal sex is far from how you will defecate in the first days after your first anal experience. You may have constipation and frequent discharge of gas due to air that gets into the anus during intercourse. This is completely normal.

High-quality initial anal dilators differ in anatomical shape, as a rule, with a characteristic narrowing of the diameter of the tube at the end. These stimulants take into account how the human body works. They are usually smooth, have a rather soft surface and curvature.  In fact, the anal dilator is a tube that can change its diameter. As a rule, the size is changed by pumping air into the toy so that it expands.

Anal dilators are very convenient to use for developing the muscles of the anal passage as a kind of warming up before contact with a partner. The versatility of the toy allows its effective use by both beginners and lovers of anal sex with experience. Such a structure of the anal plug allows the user to easily enter it into the anus as smoothly and painlessly as possible, and then walk with it for quite a long time.

To do this, you also need to use special anal lubricants, which include lubricating, disinfecting and even anesthetic substances. Anal dilators of any size and shape can be purchased in our sex shop. At what in our store both individual products and whole sets are sold, which include several anal plugs of different sizes, to make it easier to develop the muscles of the anus. If ever you prefer steel material you can also find metal plug set from loveplugs. There are also hollow plugs that are inflated with a pump. With their help, it is also quite convenient to stretch the muscles, because after inserting such a tube into the anus, you can gradually increase its size by inflating air.