Can You Wear Latex In Public?

Can You Wear Latex In Public?

It’s no secret that latex is a common material in high fashion. As such, we see it now and then as a new trend at fashion shows across the globe. On the other hand, many celebrities and pop stars, in general, enjoy wearing it on public outings. From music festivals to videos, it’s safe to say that latex has countless celebrity fans. However, it’s still somewhat controversial for us (regular folks) to enjoy in public.


The common notion is that latex is only sex wear. Only fetishists who enjoy BDSM would dare put on something like that, right? And even they stick to just wearing it inside their improvised bondage dungeons!


Nope! Let’s be frank here. That’s total BS. Everyone can and should enjoy this material just like any other. So, let’s explore the topic of wearing a latex dress outside your home during an ordinary day, shall we?

Is It Uncomfortable to Wear Latex in Public?

A common misconception about latex is that it’s uncomfortable to wear. Lay people imagine how it’s too tight, and there’s a risk of overheating. However, that’s only true if you wear an outfit that’s not your size. That can happen when ordering a dress online and without trying it on first it would be different if you purchase from laidtex because their attending customer will guide you all the way to smooth out issues like this. But then again, it’s the same with any other material that you don’t try before you buy. Latex can be as comfortable as any other material if you fit inside it. 


Aside from purchasing a dress that suits your budget, design tastes, and high-quality standards, it’s critical to think about the size. If you put on a latex dress that’s small for you, you’ll end up hating it in no time. Then again, you shouldn’t immediately pick something that’s a size or two bigger. If you do so, it’s safe to say you’ll look like — excuse our French — a used condom. So, don’t risk comfort over size, and you’ll be A-OK.

Not All People Will Like It

“What’s the deal with people not liking latex?” you might ask. Well, different people like different things. The same goes for latex. However, there’s more to it than that. Namely, there’s a close bond between the BDSM community and this material. And since those fetishists are often portrayed as weirdos, freaks, and baddies, it’s easy to understand why regular Joe and Jane would hate it.


Nevertheless, why should you care what others like or dislike? Wearing latex isn’t endanger anyone. It’s just a material that we use for making all sorts of dresses and garments. In fact, we use it for protective gloves and raincoats, and no one cares. If you feel good while wearing it, you shouldn’t care what others think. If someone’s easily offended, well, that’s their problem, and they’ll have to deal with it one way or the other.

What Makes People Think This Way?

By now, it’s safe to say latex is a pretty controversial material to wear in public. Aside from it being seen as something only fetishists dig, there are other reasons why you don’t see it on the street. 


For some, it’s just inappropriate to wear certain clothes in public. From mini skirts to fishnets and other sexy garments, they don’t suit the narrative of public morality. But if you ask us, that’s nonsense. There are all sorts of latex outfits, from less to more revealing.


Unfortunately, it’s not just latex that seems to defy what people think is okay to wear in public. Something similar goes for leather dresses, except for jackets. The reason is the same. Latex is an imitation of leather, so the latter has the same message in public. It’s provocative and overtly sexy. 


Nevertheless, taboos are there to be broken. And seeing how fashion trends are developing over the last few years, latex is on its way to the mainstream.

Our Advice: Wear One Anyway

So, what should you do? Should you fall back and accept that the public isn’t ready for latex just yet, or should you trust your taste in fashion? Well, there’s no debate for us. You should wear a latex dress anyway. 


Moreover, wear whatever you like as long as there are no laws that say otherwise. Latex garments can look both stylish and sexy. As such, gather strength and courage and put on that dress and move on.


The same goes for any other type of material or design. If it fits, and you think it’ll look good on you, wear the hell out of it. You’ll be amazed at how good it will feel to outshine people around you with a chic outfit on you. All eyes will be on you!


But, that’s not a bad thing. You might empower others who don’t have the same guts as you do. Fashion trends are evolving and changing, so why shouldn’t you be the first to break the ice?

Choosing the Perfect Latex Clothing to Wear in Public

Aside from having courage, you should understand certain rules to pull off your new latex look. But don’t worry, there aren’t many, and most of them apply to other materials as well. So, let’s check them out, shall we?


The first tip we have for you is to mix latex with other materials and look for an appropriate contrast. For example, you can wear a latex skirt and a sweater. The difference between the two will look stylish as well as provocative.


Next up, why not go with a regular cut? Despite what people think, latex dresses aren’t just bondage costumes. There are regular designs as well, just made from latex. They are, in fact, easier to wear as others won’t notice them immediately.


When talking about fashion tips, it’s essential to mention colors. And again, there’s controversy surrounding latex in that department as well. Most think latex dresses are only black. However, they come in all colors and tones, making them easier to combine.


Latex outfits also come with varying patterns. They can have certain logos and images that will help you blend them with regular clothes. Some might even look like sports gear, which is always an easy look to pull off.


Lastly, consider wearing latex in the right environment. If you have a latex raincoat, well, put it on when it’s raining. On the other hand, if you have a swimsuit made from it, go to the beach with it. This will make your clothes practical and less provoking.